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Historic Leadville, Colorado

Exciting reasons to visit HISTORIC Leadville:

If you love early American history, Leadville is a “MUST-VISIT” destination.  Here’s just a few short “teasers” to get you excited about a visit to Leadville:

As you arrive in Leadville from the south, you’ll find this full sized painting on the wall of one of Leadville’s gorgeous Victorian buildings.  But what is the story behind this mural?  CLICK HERE

Regardless of the wild and wooly reputation Leadville had during its early years, did you know there were only 3 LEGAL hangings here? You can stand exactly where this hanging actually took place.  Want a “teaser”?  

The Tabor Empire is the very essence of Leadville, although only a small part of Tabor’s legacy remains visible today.  Tour these last reminders of days gone past in person:  CLICK HERE  

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