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The End of Historic Leadville, Colorado

Leadville’s history was the key to its lasting economic success over the past 30+ years  Heritage tourists found Leadville to be perhaps the last remaining authentic western boom town in the nation.  Everyone came to Leadville at some time or other, and the rich and famous, including presidents, authors and millionaires made the name Leadville synonymous with early western history!


When the Climax Mine closed in 1985 just north of Leadville, it sent a learning message that Leadville could no longer survive on the economic impact Climax had provided Leadville for so many years.  Over 3,000 employees left the area overnight... businesses closed... local residents who relied on the mine for their source of income had to relocate.  What could turn the tide and help keep Leadville alive?  It was our amazing heritage tourism!  And that worked until about 2012 when a new local government and a new identity took over, virtually destroying museums and other historical assets.


It was now ANOTHER new step in the evolution of Leadville.  The amazing history that kept Leadville among the top heritage tourist destinations in the country has become secondary to the “new breed” of visitors.   Local government has pretty much forsaken our heritage tourist industry for high altitude athletic events... specifically bicycle races and running races.  Sad, but true.  Watch as one museum after another closes... One beautiful Victorian building after another becomes a victim of modernization...


It is a sad day in the history of Leadville to see what it once was fall victim to this!

If you came looking to get information on Leadville’s pot facilities, or bicycle races or other special events that have diminished the true historic identity of Leadville, you’re at the wrong web site!