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Historic Leadville, Colorado


These people visited Leadville, lived here, invested here, and some even died here.  Their names bring testament to just what an important and truly unique city Leadville was, and the huge contribution it made to the nation during its hey-day and beyond:


1879 - “In the evening you see firearms on all sides, every third man carries a Sharps, Spencer or Winchester rifle and every man has one or two revolvers in a condition for immediate use...”   “I do not believe there is a town or city that contains as many cut-throats, thieves and black legs of all kinds than Leadville.”


And at the same time, the Tabor Opera House claimed to be the finest opera house west of the Mississippi, and was typical of the high society and fabulous wealth common among countless Leadville residents and investors.  


It was a world of gambling halls, dance halls, and theatres... lawyers, doctors, dentists and newsmen... underground caverns, abominable snowman, and a lost Egyptian ship... church bells, school bells, teas, artists, horses and horse races... mule skinners, freighting, assaying, smelting, charcoal kilns, and smoke... murderers, lynchings, bunko and con artists... gold, silver, lead, zinc and more, all there for the taking in the richest geological pocket ever discovered in the United States.


Leadville had it all and more.  It’s rich heritage is so monumental, countless books have been written about it, movies made with Leadville as the background, and stories still being told today about this amazing city called Leadville.


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